Eating On A Budget

We are living in really tough times with more and more people being laid off from jobs, no jobs available, skills shortages and a culture where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.  Until something is done on a governmental level this situation will only get worse. The way I see it we have 2 choices – we can sit around and wait for our world to completely collapse around us OR we can learn to live with what we have and enhance it.

Money is tight in our household as with numerous other households across this country and the world. We have gotten ourselves into so much debt that our finances are heavily fatigued with us beside it.  In our house there is only one income, it’s a good income, but because of our debt factor, times are tough.  It has made me look at things differently.  It has made me sift the needs from the wants, and this had to start with the groceries, forget the health and wellness ‘thing’, because this is a ‘survival thing’.  A lot of people get way too caught up in the “is it healthy” that we ignore “can we afford that” or “do we need that”.  I am not talking to those of you who can afford every single thing you want, I am talking to the people who have very little money left after the bills are paid.

By making a few simple adjustments to the way I do food shopping I have cut our food bill nearly in half. I was shocked at this. I have stopped buying things I can easily make myself, I have stopped buying sweets, treats and expensive meats. I have gone from buying big packs of meat to the small ones and honestly, I think we eat better now and are more fulfilled than we have ever been.  I have halved our meal sizes, because at our age we don’t need to eat as much, we enjoy our food better because we aren’t gorging ourselves. We sit more comfortably, sleep is better and I find my arthritis isn’t anywhere near as bad as it used to be.  We used to eat so much food, a lot of it crap, we used to drink so much Coke and take away, that I think it was literally killing us, like being poisoned to death without knowing it.  In this country eating healthy is very expensive, take away and junk food is far cheaper, but if you plan your meals, and only buy what you need to make those meals, it become more affordable, and the best thing is you are creating minimal waste!  By eating on a budget, we eat good home cooked food, yeah it still has sugar in it and the veges aren’t organic and we eat cheaper cuts of meat that are probably grain fed not grass fed (yes we live on a farm but we don’t kill our own beef) but that’s ok, because at the end of the day this is about eating on a super tight budget, this is about survival in a society that just consumes more and more without consequence.  This is about feeding our families, not feeding our families organic, this is survival of the budget conscience.

It’s easier for me to cook on a budget because I don’t work, but the meals I do are quick and easy and can be cooked in advance.  Baking ( biscuits, cakes, slices etc)  can be done on a Sunday ready for the week. You can send your kids to school with nice home made biscuits or slice instead of store bought muesli bars etc, which cost a fortune!  When you are on a budget convenience goes down the toilet, you can’t afford to think with that mindset, convenience is cutting corners and spending more, budgeting is cutting corners and spending less. So follow along and let me show you how I have saved money in my house and still eat very well.  Let me help you to survive, because I too am surviving.

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