Essential Oils

Why Essential Oils?

Essential oils have almost become a food group and even though they are cited as the ‘latest’ alternative to modern medicine and natural living they have been around for hundreds, maybe thousands of years.  Essential oil use goes right back to before Christ with ancient writings & traditions indicating that aromatics were used for religious rituals, the treatment of illness & other physical & spiritual needs. Records dating back to 4500 BC describe the use of balsamic substances with aromatic properties for rituals & medical applications while other ancient writings tell of scented barks, resins, spices & aromatic vinegars, wines, beers that were us in temples, astrology, embalming & medicines.  The Egyptians were masters in using essential oils & other aromatics in the embalming process. Many hieroglyphics on the walls of Egyptians temples depict the blending of oils & describe numerous recipes!  Fast forward to modern times and you can see that oils have been around for a lot longer than the past 20 odds years.

Essential oils offer a natural alternative to modern day medicine, that is not only full of sometimes dangerous ingredients with some pretty crappy side effects, but they become addictive and never really get to the root of the problem. Don’t get me wrong we need modern day medicine, but maybe if we took care of our health before we got sick we would be a lot better off.  Essential oils are there to help keep you above the wellness line, they really shouldn’t be used as a ‘cure’ for anything.  Some oils will cure certain diseases, but without the scientific evidence behind that it is really hard to get people to listen, which is a shame.  I use the oils for emotional and hormonal health. Womens wellness issues are always swept under the carpet and they need to be spoken about freely and openly. Women need to know that essential oils will help your moods, they will help your cramping, your muscles, sugar craving and just about every other thing we women have going on.  I literally smother myself in oils on a daily basis and the days I forget, there is a noticeable difference in how I feel.  I diffuse essential oils all day every day, in the 2 years we have been using oils diligently, we have not been sick.  We will get very small bouts of tummy upsets, or a runny nose, but we don’t get proper sick.  All our grandchildren are always sick, picking up bugs and germs from school and spreading them around.

I also use the oils for general cleaning like wiping down the kitchen benches, cleaning the toilet and bathroom cabinets. I always sprinkle oil on my floors right before I steam mop them. For heavy cleaning I still break out the chemical and gas myself while doing so, but to use essential oils to clean the bath for instance is a waste of good oil, especially if you suck at housekeeping like I do and your bath is in need of a giant scrub.  So while these are some uses for essential oils they are by no means the only uses for them.  My life would be so different without them, maybe I would have hurt someone without the calming effects of frankincense and copaiba, or the Progessence plus serum from Young Living, that oil literally saved my sanity and bought me back down to a place of calm and Doterra’s ClaryCalm oil is an amazing oil for women’s hormone health. In saying that not all oils will work for you, you just have to get using them and see which ones DO work for you. Don’t be lead by the voice in your head that says, “well this is another mlm scam” or “oils don’t work”, have an open mind, buy some oils, get the basics first, Peppermint, Lemon, Lavender and use them. Use your own discretion and don’t listen to what the skeptics say. Make your own mind up and then come back here to learn. Have a happy Oily day! x

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