Sunday the Day of Rest

Well for some maybe but not for us. We have recently started irrigating the farm, because the owners have now just realized shit there is no feed for the cattle, we better grow some *massive eye roll. You see my husband told them this 6 months ago, he tried to warn them, but the owners are property developers, rich people with cattle, not cattlemen. They rip properties up and turn them into housing estates and they are bloody good at what they do. What they are not good at is animal husbandry and feeding these poor skinny damn cows! SO, now my hubby and one of the other workers on farm have to work 7 days a week, same pay, to keep these irrigators working so we can grow some feed. Yes they are buying feed in but they are not loving that idea. So here we are Sunday morning, fixing the irrigator that has just decided only half of it wants to work. The boys got wet, and its still not hot enough to be getting sprayed with fire hose force, on a Sunday morning. Of course I was really sympathetic to their plight sitting in the car filming hahahahaha! Farmlife, you gotta love it hey!

Categories: Lifestyle

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