Reading Books Expands Your Mind!

Or so they say… I read books to escape OR to learn how to do certain things. My escape books are usually adventures like LOTR, Harry Potter, J.R.Tolkien books, Narnia stuff like that. Yes I know it’s a bit babyish but I have a lifetime of creative catching up to do! I just love adventure, probably because I lacked adventure growing up, I love make believe but I also like some forms of reality like business books written by entrepreneurs that are ahead of the field in their industry. Lindsay Teague Moreno and Rachel Hollis are 2 of my favorites and my business coach Jennifer Allwood will be releasing her book very soon which I await with baited breathe. But I also love Dr Seuss….too much? Yeah I know, I am a 52 year old child with reality issues who would rather slip into a world of color and wonder than deal with what’s for dinner lol!

Back to reality…oh did I mention Twilight? Apparently a teen saga but I still love the movies to this day and the books were bloody amazing! Sooooo, reality,….. oh yes, these days I am reading aromatherapy books and of course my Bible. Did you know the Bible is the greatest history book, business book, self help book, parenting book, story book, poetry book and all round life guide ever written? All in one book how cool!

My point is that without books to tell stories and educate us where would our minds be? Probably watching some crap on TV that is manipulated to get us to think certain ways…..a little too conspiracy theoristy? Sorry, but to me everything is a conspiracy until I can prove it otherwise lol!

So lets read more books, lets not forget the big words and the little words, ladies don’t let menopause rob you of your once fluent use of the English language, or language of your origin. Lets continue to make stories, imagine crazy stuff and dream. Lets not lose our imaginations to the drudgery of life, lets use our minds for a bit of fun every now and then!

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