Happy Friday – Making Changes!

Hi everyone! I have decided that I am not happy with the way my blog was looking so I am making some changes AGAIN! Can’t half tell I am a creative, always changes things and getting bored super easy. So if my blog changes a dozen times over the weekend this is why LOL! I just can’t seem to get everything on here that I want without paying a tonne of money I don’t have. Anyway, bear with me while I try and find something I like!


So I finally found a theme that I am happy with and the bloody photos don’t fit into the thumbnails. I have to actually take the photos a certain way so they will look proper ARGH!! And the colors, I can’t change the font colors in the header part to what I want. You can tell I am ‘REAL’ savvy at this tech crap!! Back to the bloody drawing board!


How annoying are these damns ads!! I can get rid of them if I upgrade to a business plan at a cost of $296!!! What the actual!!!!


Categories: Lifestyle

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