Back to Work…

Well being an entrepreneur isn’t quit working out the way I had planned so I have had to go back to work. I mean I am not going to give up on my dream of making a lucrative income from home but while I work on that, I have had to go back to work. I was offered a job Monday night and I had my first day Tuesday.

Learning the ropes again has been exhausting. I have been out of the industry (real estate) for 12 odd years and a lot of things have changed in that time. I have to re-sit my registration, which enables me to work in the real estate industry, which is really difficult but on top of that I decided to do my FULL license, which will enable me to open my own office if I want to. Man alive I have created sooooo much work for myself. My quiet, cruisy, country life has diminished rather abruptly.

My mornings are now a big rush, getting the dogs organised for the day and cleaning up outside, doing the dog poo run and get myself ready to leave at 8am has been a challenge to say the least. I have 6 dogs in the house yard, that’s a lot of crap every day. They have a pen that they sleep in at night, they are then let out for a couple of hours in the morning to run around the house yard and then I pen them again. In that time they have pooed that much I am surprised there is anything left in them!

Wearing makeup everyday again is something that I am not keen on but being on front counter I need to look presentable, so makeup it is BUT, I can’t see without my glasses on and I can’t put them on while I am applying my eye shadow and eyeliner so sometimes that an end up a scary mess! Getting dressed everyday for work and not a day bumming around the farm is also a pain in the bum because I don’t have enough office work clothes and jeans, work boots and a work shirt is not really appropriate business wear LOL! Oh well small steps I guess.

It’s funny when we get thrown out of our comfort zone, especially when we are older. I thought I would never go back to work let alone back to an industry that I can’t stand, but here I am. I guess we never know what our path is, we never know where life will lead us, and if you are Christian, you will be familiar with trusting God because He knows what he is doing. I have to say, I knew the last time I said I would never go back into the real estate industry I remember thinking, “hmmmmm I probably shouldn’t say that because God is likely to put me right back there,” and look what happened!

Among all the bitching is a tonne of gratitude, gratitude that I can pay the registration for my car, gratitude that I can pay some bills, gratitude that I can get the kids Christmas stuff organised without debt this year, gratitude that we can do groceries without worry and so much more. I am grateful that this was an answer to prayer, not how I expected the answer to my prayers to go but it was still the answer I was seeking. So I guess the moral to my story is never say never, don’t talk things out into the atmosphere that you really don’t want because chances are God will put you right where you don’t want to be and then make it awesome! I am happily waiting for my awesome!

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