How to Sign Up with Doterra Step by Step..

Are you ready to upgrade your life?

Congratulations on the decision to make some major changes to your life. You are going to not only smell good, be calmer and more grounded, but you are going to have more money if you choose to become a Wellness Advocate. If you are not wanting to build a business at this stage and you just want to benefit from the 25% Wholesale discount you are going to smell amazing and be calm and grounded and healthier using these pure and natural products! So lets get started!!..

STEP 1: Go to the doTERRA website

STEP 2: Click on “Join & Save”

If you just click on “Shop” you will only be able to order products are retail price. This is without the 25% off discount 🙁

STEP 3: Click “Join doTERRA”

You can take a look at the difference between a Wholesale Customer and Wellness Advocate. Then, scroll to the bottom and click on “Join doTERRA”.

STEP 4: Choose country & language

Choose your country and language preference. You can receive all your doTERRA products in a variety of languages so you can best understand your products.

STEP 5: Choose type of doTERRA membership

The difference between a Wellness Advocate and a Wholesale Customer is the ability to earn money and extra rewards for referring friends. You can always upgrade to a Wellness Advocate after 90 days for free 🙂 You must be at least a Wholesale Customer to receive 25% off your purchases.

STEP 6: Enter info

Enter in your information as indicated on the site.

STEP 7: Choose enrollment kit

This is where you get to choose HOW you receive your 25% off. You have 2 options: Pay a one-time fee of $35 USD OR purchase a bigger kit. If you want to order a bigger kit, I highly recommend:

  • The Family Essentials kit which comes with 10 x 5ml bottles of essential oils plus a free Smart & Sassy essential oil (Australia). Different countries will have different free products.
  • The Home Essentials Kit because it comes with 10 x 15ml bottles of essential oils plus a diffuser for a FRACTION of the price. 

How do you choose the kit? You will see a list of kits at the top and the possibility to choose arrows going both left and right (< or >) to scroll through them.  Once you have selected which kits you would like to purchase be sure it’s in the correct language. If you do not wish to purchase a bigger enrollment kit at this time, you must choose the $35USD option which should say “Welcome Pack & Enrollment Fee or some variation of that depending on which language you’ve chosen.

From there, you can choose to add additional products to your cart as well if you like by typing the names in the additional cells. As you start to type it in, it will come up for you to click 🙂 You should know ahead of time which products you want to add by looking through the shop first. Write them down and then make your choice as you go through this process.

STEP 8: Enter payment information


You’re about to change your life one oil at a time. Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time if you would like to learn more about oils at