Hi guys and thank you for being here reading this post. I truly appreciate your time. I wanted to introduce you to my brand Down Blue Gum Lane, I have spent years trying to find something that fits, something that resonates with me, and I have always made the mistake of trying to brand myself through someone else’s eyes, or what my brand ‘should’ look like. I have so many things that I do, that making and maintaining separate blogs for all of them would be impossible. Down Blue Gum Lane is exactly what I have been looking for, it’s exactly who I am, and everything that I blog about fits the description so to speak.

I am a creative, I sew, I draw, I make things, I am desperately awaiting the construction of my vege garden, I am an avid essential oil user and educator, I am a farmers’ wife, I am a mother, grandmother, business owner. I am always looking for new things and I reckon I will always look for new ways to do things. I haven’t always been like this, I have always done things ‘properly’ how other people ‘expected’ me to do things, locking up my creativity inside, taking on criticisms about wasting my time, get a real job etc etc, but once I hit 50 I was like, pfft to that I am going to do things my way. Of course my way is the hard way but it will be the most productive way in the long run.

I am a big part of my grandkids lives, having at least one of them every weekend. This is my privilege, this is my blessing, this is my joy and recreation, watching them learn, teaching them new things and listening to them laugh together and fight, but mostly loving that they love coming to nannee’s so much! My hope is they never lose that love of nannee’s as they grow older and mature.

So this blog may look messy because it is so full and busy, but this is my country life, Down Blue Gum Lane!