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Why Is Life So Tough

Honestly some days I just want to punch everyone that breathes. This world is full of stupid people, why is that? Why is there no common sense in this world, why are people such assholes? Why am I always so angry? I’ll tell you why…….MENOPAUSE!!! Men, you may […]

I Always Wanted to Write….

I remember being at school, yes my memory does take me back that far surprisingly enough, I was really good at English, I don’t know what they call it these days, but I was always getting good marks for my stories, essays, poetry, handwriting and everything pertaining to […]

Sunsets On Farm…

You will see some of the most glorious sunsets when you live on a farm. Maybe it’s because there are wide open spaces and nothing obstructing the view, or maybe it’s just because you are outside more often on a farm than you are if you live in […]

First Calf of the 2019 Season

Well it’s begun, the 2019 calving season and can I say this is my least favorite time of the year. Calving season almost immediately springs to mind pictures of cute little white faced calves frolicking among wildflowers chasing butterflies doesn’t it? Nothing could be further from the truth. […]