How To Choose An Agent.

So you’ve decided to sell, you thought that was a hard decision, now comes the fun, but first how do you choose an agent? These days real estate agents have become bits of rock stars, well they think they are, but how do you sift through all the hype, the gimmicks, the flash cars, the suits and the reams of paper they will put in front of you to show why they are the best? Take Your Time! I remember when I was selling, I had all the stuff, the brochures, the pick me pick me stuff and it’s just not anywhere near as good as being yourself, treating clients like humans instead of commission cheques and just sitting and talking with them. If you get an agent that is prepared to sit and talk to you, be real and show a genuine interest in you without blowing their own bugle every 5 minutes, chances are they could be in the running. Don’t get me wrong they should have experience and knowledge of the market, and be able to answer most of your questions, but it will be real knowledge, not scripted knowledge if that makes sense. Use these tips and you should have a successful outcome…

  1. Look for agents that look you in the eye when they shake your hands. Nothing worse than someone who looks away, means you won’t be able to keep their attention long.
  2. Enthusiasm is great but make sure it’s not a stageshow. Some Agents put on the enthusiasm show to throw you off and this can get confusing and annoying.
  3. An agent should always be a good listener first and foremost, ask about you and your situation before shoving all that paperwork in your face to get the elusive Exclusive Agreement.
  4. Look for experience, knowledge and wisdom with marketing. A good marketer will ‘make’ your sale but a bad one could ‘break’ it.
  5. An agent should always be well presented, have a clean car, clean hair and professional presentation. This shows respect for themselves, their agency and in turn your property.
  6. Beware of agents that talk about how good they are and how many properties they have sold. The only properties you need to be interested in are the ones that are similar to your own. It’s little to you if they sold a thousand acre property 1/2 an hour from you when you live in town.
  7. Choose an agent that you will be able to work with on a daily basis, because chances are you will be seeing a lot of them.
  8. Don’t not choose an older agent because you think they may be too old. There is so much experience and knowledge that the younger agents won’t have that the older agents do. If there is an older agent you can be assured they are there because they have a passion for real estate not because they need the money.
  9. Be aware of agents over pricing your property to secure the listing. This is commonplace, especially when there is a lull on supply. Over pricing is dangerous and won’t always get you the best result and will waste a lot of time.
  10. Do some test on how often your agent answers his phone. My husband and I were looking for rural property and I can’t tell you the amount of agents we rang on weekends, to enquire about property, that didn’t answer their phones. We were potential buyers and couldn’t get anyone to help us. That is the MOST frustrating thing if you are a buyer and this ultimately affects you as a seller. Buyers will walk away. So test the agents on your short list to see if they answer their phones on weekends.

As an ex real estate salesperson I serviced my clients how I would expect to be treated if I were selling my own property. I have also done some research on agents in our area as a buyer and most of them fall short. So don’t take choosing an agent lightly, it could be your best decision but it could also be your worst! Good Luck!